Posturi radio online Rock

Paradise radio - DJ-mixed modern & classic rock, world, electronica
Delicious Agony - Progressive rock radio, NYC
Creamy - Independent and local bands, as well as deep tracks from mainstream artists
Technicolor Web of Sound - 60s psychedelic rock
Progressive Positivity - Progressive rock radio
Subway - Awarded German radio playing rock and electric styles
Beyond the beat generation - The undiscovered area of 60's underground
SomaFM - Indie Pop Rocks: favorite classic indie pop tracks
Woxy - The future of rock and roll from Ohio, US
Onelouder Radio UK - Some of the best tunes in metal for over 3 years
Soft rock UK - Non-stop classic soft rock
Free Phoenix - Rock, folk, blues, psychedelic, new wave, americana, progressive
Laut.FM - Indie, rock, electro, Germany
Radiogrounds - A radio community, ran by the community
ShoutedFM - Rock, punk, metal, grunge
Prog palace - Focusing on the harder edge of progressive music
YouFM - Rock channel from Germany
Caroline radio - Rocking around the world
Lagrosseradio - Rock from Paris
Idobi Radio - Music that doesn't suck! The best in alternative, rock & punk
Stellar Attraction - 1970's British rock, progressive music, with some 60's & some 80's